Thinking about Buying into Turkish Real Estate?

When considering investing in Turkish real estate the area of Eyüp should be on your list of possibilities. This area has seen considerable improvement for residents over the years, especially in the improved and less odorous Bosphorus. Enjoyment of the sea air and proximity to this historical stretch of the Golden Horn is an added bonus. This area is proving popular with families and has all the amenities that are necessary for a qualitative standard of living. On the European side of the city, Eyüp is close to central Istanbul and has good access to all the areas, both on the Europe and Anatolian sides. This large area stretching from the Golden Horn to the Black Sea is well worth consideration for investment opportunities both in housing and business properties.

Turkish Real Estate with History, Culture and Modern Amenities

Eyüp is considered one of the holiest places to visit for Muslims with the burial place of a friend of the Prophet, Ebu Eyüp el-Ensar killed outside the walls of Constantinople, found at the Eyüp Sultan Mosque. One of the foremost religious spots for Islam pilgrims the Eyüp Sultan Mosque is an honored and revered site attracting many tourists and visitors to the area. This being one of the many reasons this area is good for Turkish real estate to invest in. Real estate providing consistent tourist accommodation is always a steady return on an investment. Eyrup once had many factories stretching along the Golden Horn to the Black Sea; those days are long gone with consistent urban regeneration families are happy to come and live in the area. The council is proactive in a regenerative approach to the area, sensitive to its history and the needs of the modern residents in it many projects. An example is the façade rehabilitation on many of the lovely house built in the traditional Ottoman style. Turkish real estate in the form of new builds and renovations offer opportunities for the discerning investor to add this lucrative are to his portfolio.

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