According to the Turkish Statistical Institute, although there has been a 14.3% decrease regarding mortgaged houses in Turkey, they still consist 33% of the total house sales. In 2015, the number of the mortgaged houses that were sold in the country, were 38.822.

The statistical data showed that, there has been an increase of 1 percent of the house sales in Turkey. This means that, the number of the houses that were sold during the month March, compared to the previous year, reached the number of 117,205.Despite the decrease in the market of mortgaged houses, foreigners still buy Turkish property. The first five nationalities that bought Turkish real estate, were Iraqi citizens with 244 sales, next come the Saudi Arabia citizens with 151 sales, third on the list were the Afghans with 148 sales, the Kuwaitis citizens with 136 and last came Russia with 96 sales.

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